School Meals

Our school meal provider is ‘Dolce‘ who use a computerised ordering and payment system caled Live Kitchen to ensure our children receive the meals they want and it provides a cashless system for parents. The Live Kitchen system is a huge hit with the children, it also allows parents to go online and order meals from home, view recipes and ingredient information. Children select their chosen meal on the interactive whiteboard before registration or at home. Vegetarian options are clearly displayed on a green button. At lunchtime children select their name on the red touch screen at the serving hatch. Their meal choice is displayed to the cook, as well as any dietary needs.

Parents pay for school lunches via direct debit which save time at home as well as in the school office. Statements are sent out on a four weekly basis and Dolce give two weeks notice before amounts are collected.

In line with requirements, Dolce ensure that allergen information is available for parents when selecting their child’s meal on-line. Alternatively, Dolce’s area manager and the school catering team are on hand to answer any queries or requests for further information about their recipes.  Food Allergies: Please inform school if your child has any allergies. Click on this Food Allergy Poster for further information.

Free School Meals are provided when parents/carers meet certain eligibility criteria. We will ensure that each child who is eligible for free school meals receive a meal which is filling and nutritionally balanced. Research has shown that productivity and attainment can be improved when children eat balanced meals.