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Religious Education

Religious Education plays a vital role at Cheadle Heath Primary in ensuring the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the children.  As Cheadle Heath Primary is a truly comprehensive and culturally diverse primary school, we strive to ensure that our curriculum is relevant to the children in the school and that it reflects their experiences. In this way Religious Education also strongly supports the development of modern British values.

At Cheadle Heath Primary School we follow the Local Authority Religious Education scheme ‘Learning for Life’ and also follow the Department for Education.

As a result of this we often use a ‘comparative’ approach to learning about, and from, religion. We use cross – curricular themes such as ‘Buildings’ or ‘Journeys’ to celebrate the similarities between religions and to explore the differences.

Our study focuses on Christianity, Judaism and Islam. However, we also look at other faiths, especially at times of celebration such as Diwali and Chinese New Year.  Where possible we encourage first hand experiences such as visiting churches, mosques and the Manchester Jewish museum as well as inviting visitors into school. Learning also often takes place through the use of religious artefacts.  We have daily act of collective worship. On a Monday, and Friday there are whole school assemblies, on a Tuesday and Thursday there are key stage assemblies and on Wednesday a period of quiet reflection is encouraged, often following PSHE lessons. Parents hold the right to withdraw children from assemblies and are asked to contact the head teacher if they are concerned about assemblies. Currently, all children at Cheadle Heath Primary attend all assemblies.

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