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At Cheadle Heath, we teach French from Year 3. The emphasis is on learning the basic sounds of spoken French and how these correspond to written French to form simple sentences. We learn basic greetings and describing ourselves, as well as about life in France.  As they progress through Key stage 2, children explore the sounds and rhythm of the spoken language through songs, poems, rhymes and learn how this links to the letters and words in writing. They also learn how to express basic information and opinions, as well as ask questions. In addition, they will learn how to describe people, places and actions through speaking and writing French.

Children learn more about life in a European country and its language on ‘Big Languages Day’, which is celebrated annually on 26th September in line with European Day of Languages. On this day, we celebrate a particular language and learn about the countries where that language is spoken as well as its art, cuisine and culture. Our first Big Languages Day was a huge success and we look forward to many more in the coming years as languages are embedded across the school.

Excitingly, we have big plans at Cheadle Heath to embed and extend the teaching of French across the school. This is led by Mr Cleverley and Ms Wilson, who are both fluent French speakers. The school has also been awarded Erasmus + funding, through the European Union, to promote and extend the teaching of French in the school. This will involve teaching staff spending an enrichment week in Carcassonne, Southern France. The training will equip teachers with the skills and confidence to teach French in new and exciting ways, as well as developing ways to link French across the curriculum. We will also have the opportunity to visit and build links with a school in France. Exciting times!