High quality phonics teaching and learning is a key priority at Cheadle Heath Primary School and one we recognise as paramount to children progressing to be confident, fluent readers.  Word recognition and understanding is essential in enabling children to become skilled and fluent readers. In Reception and Key Stage 1, we place great emphasis on teaching phonics and developing children's phonological awareness. These early years are crucial to establish the foundations for reading fluently and accurately, developing comprehension skills and fostering a love of reading and literature.

To deliver high-quality phonics teaching and learning, we use the newly developed Rocket Phonics which is an accredited DfE (Department for Education) phonics programme launched in 2021, based on the progression of Letters and Sounds (Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics by the Primary National Strategy 2007), in a high quality, daily, discrete phonics / spelling session. 

Children are assessed during each daily lesson and also tracked half termly. We use a phonics tracking tool to identify next steps in learning and (pre covid) provide workshops to support parents /carers and provide them with information and activities to help their child at home.

From June 2012, Year One children are formally assessed by an unseen government Phonics Screening Check and results are reported to parents. This decoding test uses 'real and non-real' words to assess children's ability to segment and blend words. Children are presented with 40 words – a mixture of real and pseudo words and they are expected to apply their phonics knowledge to read the words. If they are unsuccessful in Year 1, they have the opportunity to retake the test in Year 2. Intervention groups are set up for those children requiring additional support with their phonics learning and this support continues in Key Stage 2 if necessary.


Click here to see a glossary of key words used in phonics.

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