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Maths is taught on a daily basis throughout school. Wherever possible we make cross curricular links and work hard to show how maths links to everyday life. The emphasis is on maths being investigative and hands on whenever possible.

The new primary curriculum started in September 2014 which means all year groups are following a new curriculum. Our whole school focus has been looking at the changes in maths to make the transition as smooth as possible as there were considerable changes. There is a document below outlining each year group’s new programme of study for maths. Long Term Overviews for each year group outlining the maths to be covered in that year group are distributed to parents so that you can support your child at home.

My Maths is a resource that we subscribe to. Every pupil has an account that they can log on to from any computer connected to the Internet, even at home. There are lots of structured challenges that allow a child to progress from the basics to advanced levels at their own pace and ambition. By sitting down with your child and encouraging them you can make a huge difference to the level of ability they can attain. If they get stuck there is a useful help feature that will provide assistance. If you need a little extra help then why not speak to your child’s teacher who will be more than happy to support you.

Big Maths is a scheme that we use to allow children to learn their facts. These facts include addition and subtraction, doubles, and the corresponding halves as well as the times table facts. Each class has one Big Maths lesson during the week where children work through games and activities, and then they sit their Big Maths Beat That Challenge. The idea behind this challenge to allow children to become confident at recalling and using their facts and they then challenge themselves to beat their previous week score.

Here are two more great maths sites:

  • Multiplication Tables – click here to be taken to a  racing track game where you can practise times tables!
  • Maths Games – click here to be taken to a fun sites

Maths Days
During 2015 – 16 we plan to have focused maths days or theme weeks, where the whole day will be dedicated to maths activities. This will provide children with the opportunity to experience maths and apply their learning to different contexts. One of the planned theme weeks will be happening in the Spring term called ‘Maths through Stories.’ This is where each class will dedicate a week’s work in maths lessons around a well-known or familiar story. During the Summer term we are hoping to have a Maths Day where problem solving and investigative work will be carried out by each class in the school.


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