Maths Recovery Curriculum
At Cheadle Heath Primary, we view the following as key areas for our maths recovery plan:

  • High quality teaching
  • Curriculum design
  • High quality targeted interventions

Quality First Teaching
High quality teaching is central to our mathematical recovery. It will ensure that lessons are carefully planned in small, coherent steps. Teaching will consider previous year group content where it has not been taught or secured due to Covid-19.

Curriculum Design
Following Covid-19 school closures, we are following the updated White Rose Maths Scheme to support the sequence of teaching in mathematics. The updated scheme for each year group, including mixed year groups, allows the opportunity to recap on prior learning and time for the missed objectives throughout 2020/21 to be taught. Teachers will also adapt the sequence of lessons to support and respond to the needs of the pupils in their class.

In addition to this, regular fluency and arithmetic sessions will take place to ensure that children have the opportunity to revise and practise fundamental mathematical concepts, key number skills and calculation methods. This means that pupils are practising concepts and skills on a regular basis, enabling them to continually build on their mastery of these concepts, especially in light of any gaps in learning that have occurred as a result of Covid-19 school closure.

High quality targeted interventions
In KS1, interventions will be tailored to individual pupils both during and outside of maths lessons. This year, all KS1 pupils will also to be taking part in a 'Mastering Number Programme'. The aim of the programme is to ensure children leave KS1 with fluency in calculation and a confidence and flexibility with number. In KS2, interventions will be led within maths lessons to immediately address any misconceptions or gaps in learning. They will be specifically tailored by the teacher to respond to and meet the needs of the children within their class. 



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