We want children to choose to read and enjoy it both in and out of school. We provide reading scheme books to ensure structure and progression of skills, but we also want children to read a range of books beyond these. Reading for both pleasure and purpose is important and we encourage you to help your children to continuously increase the range and types of books that they choose.

Good comprehension skills are vital in reading as they help children understand the meaning of the words, as well as supporting their vocabulary and knowledge of the world. It is likely that children will be able to understand books and stories that are much more complicated than the books they can read by themselves, so most comprehension teaching will focus on children listening to and experiencing books that are read to them, or with them, and then answering questions and discussing them.

In order to give breadth, there are many reading schemes and levelled books available in our school to ensure progression. Reading schemes are structured, levelled sets of books that grow gradually more challenging over time. Children begin reading on a particular book band (level) and once they are ready, they move to the next book band. Most schemes are very phonic-based at the beginning. A common approach to reading in Reception is to send two books home each week – one from a reading scheme for your child to read to you and one chosen by the child for you to read aloud to them.

Please do not compare the book level your child is on with those of their classmates. We don't expect all children to read at the same level. However, if you are concerned about the progress your child is making, please make an appointment to talk to the teacher about it. Children learn to read gradually over time and it takes lots of practice and support from parents and teachers to become fluent. Make sure your child knows that you value their efforts abd remember to praise him / her whatever level they are at.

We want all of our children to be confident and competent readers and ask that you read with your child for approximately 15 minutes per night. This small amount of time can have a big impact on your child's learning.  Thank you for your support with such an important matter.