PE lessons are planned to enable all children to experience a wide range of sporting activity and to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness.  All pupils take part in some form of physical activity for a minimum of 2 hours each week. We employ a PE specialist who works alongside our teachers as part of a school-led teacher training programme to increase the quality and quantity of PE teaching in primary schools.  An integral part of our PE curriculum is providing opportunities for our children to engage in competitive situations through sport and to promote the idea that sport and physical activity are important aspects in our day to day life.

At Key Stage 1 children are taught fundamental movement skills which improve their agility, stamina, speed and strength. They have the opportunity to partake in a variety of co-operative and competitive activities with the focus mainly on developing their physical abilities while introducing the concepts of teamwork, tactics and playing to rules.

At Key Stage 2 the focus shifts to developing pupils' understanding of games/activities and allowing them to apply skills into game situations. Pupils are also encouraged to look at their performance and that of others and begin to recognise how they can improve.

All children in Key Stage 2 also take part in inter-school competitions where they represent their year group in a sporting activity. This ensures that all children have the opportunity to access competitive sport on a regular basis.

Both Key Stage 1 and 2 teach invasion games, gymnastics, dance, fitness, net games, athletics, outdoor activities and striking & fielding games.

Curriculum based PE is supported by extra-curricular clubs, many of which are free of charge and some of which are run by specialist external coaches.

We were awarded the School Games Gold Award in summer 2019 after working hard to develop pupil leadership and in July 2019 we were awarded the ‘Stockport Inspirational Commitment to PE’ Award by the Local Authority. 

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Sports Teams

  • Our school teams have a proud record of regular and successful participation in inter-school competitive sports tournaments.  Many of these are organised locally by the Stockport Schools’ Sports Partnership (SSSP) and by the Stockport Primary Schools South Area Sports Association (SPSSA).  Most representative school teams, competitions and mini-tournaments involve pupils from Years 5 and 6 although occasionally teams from Years 3 and 4 are chosen for specific events.
  • Our school policy for more able, gifted and talented pupils recognises school sport and so our representative school teams do, on occasions, include pupils chosen on ability from year groups other than Year 6. This is because in many competitions schools are expected to select their best players as an ‘A’ team irrespective of their age. In some competitions, however, provision is also made for a ‘B’ team and the school’s policy is wherever possible to use these fixtures to enable those children who wish to, to have an opportunity to represent their school during the course of the season. Within some sports, however there are a restricted number of fixtures and consequently opportunities for all children to have the chance to represent school can be limited.
  • We are grateful for the enthusiasm and commitment of our school staff in managing and organising various school teams and for giving their time voluntarily to take pupils to tournaments and competitions.
  • You can read the SPASS code of conduct below.

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