PE & Sport Premium

The PE and sport premium is additional funding to improve provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in school. At Cheadle Heath Primary, we pride ourselves on being a happy and healthy place to learn.  We’ve developed an action plan to ensure this funding is invested (rather than ‘spent’) to maximise the long term impact of our PE provision for pupils and staff.

Our PE provision plans show how we’re investing the money and the way we closely monitor the impact of these initiatives through assessment of children’s skills, staff and pupil feedback, uptake of clubs etc. The funding received enables us to support our wider vision and plans for PE and sport which we plan to spend in the ways identified below.

See attached 3 year tracker showing our plans for sport in school, improvements made and details of how the sports premium grant is being spent.  We monitor the impact of each identified area, RAG rate each aspect and report on the impact that the funding has had before establishing future priorities to develop PE & Sport at Cheadle Heath Primary School.