Unavoidable School Closure

Cheadle Heath Primary School will always try to stay open. However, sometimes schools have to close because, for example, the boilers have broken resulting in no heating or not enough staff are able to get to school due to road conditions and therefore there would not be enough people to care for the children. Decisions about closing the school or sending pupils home early are not taken lightly and we endeavour to open the school when it is practicable to be able to do so. In the event of a school closure, any action will be posted immediately on our website, communicated by twitter and text message to parents.

Bad Weather Procedures
On rare occasions,  the weather can be so severe that getting to and from school becomes hazardous. It is also possible that the weather deteriorates during the course of the day that it is necessary to enable pupils to leave the premises a little early in order to do so more safely. We are aware that bad weather is disruptive but please be aware that if many parents phone school it can be difficult to answer as the line quickly becomes jammed.

  • If there is severe weather overnight … Closure will also be communicated by text message to parents, messages on our main school switchboard, on our website and through our twitter account.  If a pupil arrives at school unaware of the closure, staff will be there to help. Pupils may phone parents to decide whether they should return home or wait to be collected.

  • If the weather deteriorates during the day … School will close early only in extreme cases and the decision to close will be made by the Headteacher in consultation with senior staff and the Chair of Governors (if available).  Decisions about early closure will be communicated to parents, staff and pupils as soon as possible. Pupils who walk home independently will be allowed to phone home for advice on what to do and school will remain open until the last pupil has left.

How you can help …

  • Check the website / twitter for up to date information .

  • Assume school is open if the website/ twitter does not announce otherwise.

  • Plan ahead with your child what to do in a bad weather emergency.

  • Consider emergency childcare arrangements in this eventuality as children will not be allowed into school in the event of a closure.

  • Only phone school in bad weather if you really have to and remember that calls in prevent phone calls out!

Advice to pupils for extreme weather conditions …

  • Go straight to your classroom on arrival. If the teacher has not arrived, a member of staff will take registration and give you instructions.

  • Do not throw snow or snowballs on school premises. During snowy weather pupils will not to go outside unless they have a change of footwear and clothes.