Have Your Say

Your views are important to us: we’re always keen to hear your questions, comments and concerns.

Speak to the class teacher
Although parents’ evenings are held in the autumn and spring terms, sometimes informal meetings can be more effective.  We encourage parents / carers of all our pupils to keep in contact with the school as it is nearly always possible to speak with the class teacher briefly before or after school, and a longer discussion can usually be arranged within a day or two. These meetings can be arranged if you have specific concerns or would like to know more about how to support your child. Following the Annual Report, which is distributed in July, you are welcome to speak to your child’s class teacher at the Open Evening, or by arrangement,  to discuss the content of the report and how you can help your child over the summer break.

Speak to Senior Staff
As well as speaking to the class teacher, Ms Meekley or Mrs Vallance will provide you with an overview of your child’s learning (they are responsible for tracking the attainment and progress of all children in school) as well as talk about ways to support you and your child. Mrs Vallance is also our SENCO and treats all feedback sensitively and appropriately.

Complete our Questionnaires
We regularly ask parents / carers for their opinions and views on a range of issues, the responses of which lead us to evaluate what we do to see how aspects can be improved.  You don’t have to wait to give feedback though! If you’ve got some feedback we’d like to hear from you so please send an email or write a note and drop it into the office. By sharing your views, you’re  helping us to improve as we aim to keep doing the things you praise and address the things you consider need developing!

Parent View
In October 2011, Ofsted launched Parent View, an online questionnaire that allows parents and carers to give their views on their child’s school at any time of the year. The questionnaire covers a range of topics. It does not allow free text comments but invites responses to a series of closed questions.

Read our communications!
Your questions, comments or concerns are often answered in the communications we send out from school.  Our school
Head Lines newsletter is regularly distributed via email and put on our website.  Near the start of each new topic, parents / carers receive a class-specific curriculum newsletter from the class teacher with information, curriculum overview and ways to help your child.  Other, occasional, letters are sent home whenever we have important news to share with parents / carers.  We also use a text messaging system to send texts so please contact the school office if you don’t yet benefit from communications using the text service.

Make a complaint!
We are always happy to hear your views, comments, questions and concerns. This way, we can avoid a problem escalating into something more serious. Complaints are rare as we try hard to have an open culture and the majority of concerns expressed by parents are dealt with on an informal basis within  school. We hope that working partnership with parents means that the natural anxiety that all parents feel about their children’s schooling can be discussed and resolved before it turns into a complaint.  You can read our
complaints procedure here.