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Remote Education


Learning during lockdown has been a challenge and the need for a Remote Learning Policy (see below) has arisen largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the government’s expectation that learners may be required to work from home if part or all of
school closes or if sheilding is required. Our policy aims to clarity the school's expectations in terms of staff and pupils to wensure that learning can continue.  

In additon, we know that the way Maths and English is taught in school often differs from the way parents and carers were taught when they were at school. We also appreciate that supporting your child with their learning at home during lockdown is challenging enough, let alone when you find yourself googling new terminology and new strategies that your child is being asked to work on at home!  Therefore, we hope the documents and links below, which outline key concepts in English & Maths and when they are taught to each year group, will support you with helping your child with their Maths and English work. 




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