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School Performance

We continually work on a cycle of improvement and we are committed to rigorous and continuous self review and development.

Our School Development Plan (SDP) identifies actions that are going to be undertaken within a specified timescale and incorporates areas for development identified by Ofsted (July 2016).   The SDP defines a regular cycle of review identifying strengths and weaknesses within our School. The identified weaknesses become actions for improvement and form a basis for evaluation of the intended outcomes. Although there is a regular review schedule for all subjects and aspects contained within the OFSTED Framework, the flexibility remains for staff, governors and children to make contributions to the whole school development process. Additionally, the SDP also reflects a response to local (Edgeley Cluster and Stockport Local Authority) and national priorities and initiatives.

Our SDP links to the termly Headteacher’s report, School Self Evaluation and the Ofsted framework. At the very heart of what we do is the impact our identified improvement priorities have on the outcomes for our children.

The following evidence is gathered and used in our reviews, monitoring and self-evaluation:

  • Analysis and interpretation of information and data
  • Discussion with pupils and analysis of their work
  • Discussions with staff, governors, parents and others


Please find below important documents and information about our school.

  • Click here to see a summary of the school's most recent published data.
  • Click here to see DFE provides comparatives local and national comparative data so that you can see our school's performance in context. 

Please note that due to Covid-19, we have no published data for the academic year 2019 - 2020 or 2020 - 2021.