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Many more people than you would expect are involved within the life of Cheadle Heath Primary School. As well as teaching staff, we employ teaching assistants, peripatetic teachers, a caretaker, lunchtime organisers and out-of-school care supervisors. Many of the governors are also active within the school and we welcome parents helping on a voluntary basis.

The staff at Cheadle Heath are a very committed and friendly team and it truly is a dedicated team effort. The easiest and most effective way to contact staff is by phone (0161 428 2476) or email.

Click on the member of staff you wish to contact below but please be mindful that once an email is received it will be responded to in due course. At Cheadle Heath Primary School we wish to encourage staff to have a healthy work life balance and therefore we discourage the sending of emails outside of the traditional working day. Where emails are received in the evening, over the weekend or during a holiday period, it is likely that a response will be given during the school’s normal working hours. Thank you in advance for your understanding in helping us to promote amongst ourselves a happy, healthy and productive workforce.



Ms C. Meekley, M. Ed, NPQH

Deputy Headteacher Mrs. T. Vallance NPQH
Nursery Miss J. Vallance / Mrs. F. Carding
Sapphire Class – Reception Mrs. CA Hulbert
Pearl Class – Reception Mr. Z. Jarvis
Ruby Class – Year 1/2 Mrs. J. Mason-Singh
Jet Class – Year 1/2 Mrs. L. Murphy / Miss E. Shelmerdine
Topaz Class – Year 1/2 Ms L. Johnston (EYFS / KS1 Phase Leader)
Amethyst Class – Year 3 Miss K. Dickson
Quartz Class – Year 3 Miss L. Whiteside
Opal Class – Year 4 Miss C. Mansfield
Jade Class – Year 4 Miss A. Campbell 
Garnet Class – Year 5/6 Mrs. S. Ralph
Diamond Class - Year 5/6 Mr. T. Cleverley
Emerald Class – Year 5/6 Miss M. Harrison (SLT: KS2 leader)
Mental Health Lead Practitioner Mrs. T. Vallance
PE Specialist Mrs. R. Callaghan

School Business Manager (finance)

Mrs. E. Topping

School Administrator Ms S. Baker
School Attendance Administrator Mrs. T. Steele
Foundation Stage Teaching Assistants

Mrs. K. Beynon (R)
Miss J. Gill (R
Miss H. Johnson (N)

Teaching Assistants

Miss N. Toombs*
Miss J. Wade*
Mrs A. Brooks*
Mrs S. Pierce*
Mrs E. Kennedy*

Mrs. C. Wall
Mrs. C. Williams*
Mrs. Y. Withnall

Ms C. Stonier* / Forest School Leader


Mr. J. Henderson

Cleaning Team

Totally Local (external company)

School Cook (Dolce)

Ms K. Massey

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs. D. Bancroft
Ms B. Smith

Breakfast Club

Mrs .E. Kennedy 
Mrs. A. Brooks
Mrs. T. Steele

Midday Assistants*

Mrs. T. Steele
Mrs. S. Davies
Mrs. A. Burns
Miss N. Atkins
Mrs. L. Carmody
Miss L. Binding
Mrs. A. Clare

After School Club Manager Phone: 07563 065073