Ready To Learn

Helping your child to be ready to learn every day!

What helps children to succeed at school?

Talking and listening

It is really important to talk to your child and to listen to them. Finding time for both can be so difficult with busy lives but you could try:

  • Setting aside time for talking without being interrupted by phones, TV, radio, computer etc!
  • Telling them about your day and encouraging them to tell you about theirs.
  • Asking your child for their opinions and valuing what they say.
  • ​​​​Don’t interrupt your child, be patient and allow them time to speak.

Spending time together

You can help your child if you:

  • Share books and games in a quiet environment—not in front of the TV!
  • As a family, play games together that encourage concentration e.g. jigsaws and board games.
  • Encourage physical play and exercise by taking a trip to the park or the local leisure centre.
  • Give lots of hugs and praise.

Being prepared

  • Check your child has their name in everything they bring to school.
  • Make sure your child remembers to bring everything they need each day - reading book, PE kit, homework etc.
  • Keep in contact with school and let us know if you change phone numbers or addresses.
  • If you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing, tell us as soon as possible so we can help to find solutions to any problems.

Working out a family routine

  • Children like routine so try to have regular times for going to bed and getting up, mealtimes and family times.
  • Make sure they have a healthy breakfast at home or at our Early Riser's Breakfast Club.
  • Have a regular meal together in the evening.
  • Try to make time for homework, reading and talking together and for bedtime stories.

Getting enough sleep

  • Children need sleep to develop, to concentrate in school and to learn well.
  • Under fives need up to 15 hours, primary children about 10 hours and even older children still need 9 hours.
  • Too many late bedtimes can make it hard for children to learn.
  • A good night’s rest will help your child feel happy all day long.

Behaving well

  • Agree clear and realistic rules and stick to them!
  • Encourage your child to always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and not to interrupt you or others when you are talking.
  • Support school rules and encourage your child to follow these.
  • Ask for help if your child’s behaviour is proving difficult at home.