Cheadle Heath Primary School Logo

Ethos & Values

There are various statements and documents in school which contribute to our overall ethos, vision and values which give our school its character, drive and ambition.  Our vision makes a statement to stakeholders, the community and others about what we stand for and underpins school development and our team approach.



‘Caring, Happy Pupils Succeed’ is the vision which is shared thoughout the immediate and wider community through its use on school publications and it is very familiar to children.


Aims & Objectives

We value

  • The contribution every child brings to the life of the school irrespective of ability, gender or background
  • The resources that the community provides and regard the school as a resource for the wider community
  • A partnership with parents in the education of their children based on trust and mutual understanding

We aim to develop

  • Self-confidence, self esteem and a desire to learn
  • Independent learners who have a positive attitude to learning
  • An awareness of rights and responsibilities
  • Self-reliance and self-discipline
  • The ability to form relationships based on tolerance and respect for others in order to achieve high standards of behaviour

We aim to provide

  • A stimulating, purposeful environment where there are high expectations of both teaching and learning and where children are well motivated to learn
  • A broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of all children
  • Clear communication between home and school to foster understanding
  • A safe, healthy environment where everyone feels happy and secure
  • A differentiated curriculum which encourages every pupil to achieve their full potential and ensure that all pupils have quality of access and opportunity regardless of gender, race, creed, physical or academic ability or social background
  • An environment where pupils can examine their own spiritual development and give opportunities to acquire and discuss personal values and beliefs