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Governing Board Reconstitution

On December 1st 2014 Cheadle Heath Primary new Governing Board met for the first time following reconstitution.


A new Chair and Vice Chair were  appointed and a number of new coopted Governors.  Under the reconstruction there are 12 governors on the school’s Governing Board made up of:

  • Headteacher
  • 3 Parent Governors (Parent Governors are elected by the parents and normally serve for four years)
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 1 staff Governor
  • 6 co-opted Governors

In autumn term 2020 we amended the committee structures and moved to holding two full governing board meetings per term. The various elements from previous comittees (including finance, teaching / learning / assessment and pupil support) are now incorporated into the two full board meetings. Elements that are monitored by governors include:

  • Finance: income and expenditure is monitored to ensure there is no overspend and that the budget is supporting the curriculum. This committee’s main purpose is to ensure that spending for our school remains within budget and that money is spent wisely to meet the needs of our pupils.  It meets every term but, in addition, there are review meetings with the local authority finance officer.  The health and safety of the school site is also part of this committee’s remit.
  • Curriculum: Governors monitor all aspects of teaching, learning & assessment (including pupil progress and attainment) and how various government grants are spent to improve provision and ensure that the curriculum is broad, balanced and meets statutory requirements.  All aspects of the school’s pastoral work including areas such as attendance, behaviour, safeguarding, health and spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) provision are also monitored.