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What are INSET days?

  • INSET stands for In Service Training. All schools in England have five days every year when they are closed to pupils to allow for staff training. They are an important part of staff training and development, ensuring that staff stay up to date with latest developments.  Our INSET days are linked to our school development plan.


What is EYFS?

  • EYFS stands for Early Years Foundation Stage which is Nursery and Reception.


What are Key Stage 1 and 2 (KS1 and KS2)?

  • Key Stage 1 is Years 1 and 2. This department was previously called the infants.
  • Key Stage 2 Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. This department was previously called the juniors.


What is the National Curriculum?

  • The national curriculum outlines what all children should be taught in each Key Stage.


What are SATs?

  • Statutory Assessment Tasks are national tasks / tests which are used to assess children at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6). The SATs results show how the children achieved in particular tasks or tests taken on as specific day / week therefore they are a snapshot and are looked at alongside teacher assessments.
  • SATS are taken towards the end of Year 2 (usually during April and May) and at the end of Year 6 (a national SATs week is published annually


What  is Teacher Assessment?

  • This is the teachers’ judgement about where an individual child is in relate to the national standard. This judgement is based on evidence gathered over a period of time and from a range of pieces of work, together with test results. It is usually a more reliable judgement of a child’s attainment than a test result alone.


What is PPA time?

  • All teachers are entitled to 10% Planning, Preparation and Assessment time.


What is Achievement Assembly?

  • We have achievement assemblies every week in separate key stages. They are an opportunity to recognise, celebrate and reward children’s achievements.


How do I find out about my child’s progress?

  • Parents are given interim reports twice a year at our parent teacher meetings in October and March and end of year assessment results are reported to parents in the Annual Report, which also includes individual targets for your child. If parents require clarification about anything they are invited to make an appointment to discuss the report or talk to the class teacher at the end of term open evening.
  • Parents are encouraged to talk to their child‘s teacher, the key stage phase leaders or Deputy/Headteacher about any aspect of school life that concerns them. As the teachers are involved with the children throughout the school day it is usually necessary to hold such discussions either before 8.45am or after 3.15pm. However, if the matter is very urgent, a member of staff will always be available.


How do I contact the Headteacher or staff?

  • You can call in to the school office and make an appointment, email  or write a letter.


When can my child learn a musical instrument?

  • A number of peripatetic music teachers work at Cheadle Heath and provide instrument tuition during the school week. Pupils can learn the ukulele from Reception but other instruments are introduced in Key Stage 2.


Do the children have swimming lessons?

  • Swimming is part of the Key Stage 2 PE curriculum. At Cheadle Heath children in LKS2 have swimming lessons once a week – Y4 in autumn and spring terms, Y3 in summer term.


Where is the lost property kept?

  • Lost property is kept in a storage unit in KS1 and in the KS2 bay. It is put out in the hall / playground at the end of each term. Please ask at the office if you wish to look for lost property and (a plea!) please remember to label all clothing!