Dog Blog!

Monday 22nd November 2021

Hello! Tilly here, pawing in to say hello. 

I have started being introduced to school and have been coming in a few days with Ms Meekley, my owner. I don’t come in every day because I get really tired and over excited so I need a few days rest after my visit! I am hoping that I will start being in school more often after Christmas, when I have had my ‘in school assessment’ (yikees! Tests! I hate them already but I’ll try to be resilient because I hear that word A LOT in school) on 10th January, and when Mrs Geary starts as she is going to be my handler too.

I LOVE being in school. The children are amazing – I really like them and show them this by wagging my tail A LOT! They all seem to like me but sometimes I get a little too excited and do a little bounce then I get told off (again!). I went in to school on Remembrance Day and I thoroughly enjoyed going to a very special Remembrance Assembly (where I was sooooooo quiet I almost forgot to breathe) but when Ms Meekley took me BACK into KS1 Celebration Assembly later that day I thought ‘Forget this, I’m here to have fun not listen to people talking again’ so I deliberately tipped over my water bowl, flicked the water all over the floor and then trod in it. It was such fun and everyone laughed but apparently, I was being something called a distraction (whatever that is) so I had to be taken out of assembly! I thought that was a good result really but shhhh, don’t say that I told you that!

I have enjoyed running on the school field looking for my ball and running in the leaves in the forest school area. I think autumn is so much fun! I didn’t even get frightened with the firework bangs but Halloween was a bit scary though because people in scary costumes kept looking at me in strange ways so I just barked at them and they left! Again, that’s what I call a result!

Got to go, snooze time calls but I will be back with more Tilly adventures soon.