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Curriculum Objectives

Cheadle Heath Primary School provides a curriculum that is broad, balanced and relevant to meet the needs of each individual child. We aim to provide for the full academic, personal and social development of each pupil, and to encourage pupils to work independently and make decisions within an accepted moral code.

Our curriculum aims to develop

  • the ability to discover facts accurately and use them critically
  • the ability to identify and solve problems independently, as individuals and in co-operation with others
  • the ability to work well with others, showing social skills of co-operation and leadership, mutual respect, understanding and support
  • the motivation and ability to build on strengths and to learn from mistakes

We believe that working in a skill based, cross-curricular way maximises the opportunities for children to learn. As a school we have financially invested in providing high quality resources across the curriculum, and particularly in computing (previously Information and Communication Technology). Every class is equipped with a HD clever touch screen and digital learning resources. Children have access to iPads, laptops and a media suite that is equipped with computers, green screens and printers. We recognise that our children are growing up in an advanced technical society and we aim to equip them with necessary skills for their future job.