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Coronavirus: Updated 26.02.21

Current status:

Cheadle Heath Primary School is currently closed to all pupils, with the exception of children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils.  Following the Prime Minister's announcement on 22.02.21, we are now planning our whole school return for Monday 8th March 2021.


JET Y1/2 CLOSED Monday 8th March
RUBY Y1/2 CLOSED Monday 8th March
TOPAZ Y1/2 CLOSED Monday 8th March
AMETHYST Y3 CLOSED Monday 8th March
QUARTZ Y3 CLOSED Monday 8th March
JADE Y4 CLOSED Monday 8th March
OPAL Y4 CLOSED Monday 8th March
DIAMOND Y5/6 CLOSED Monday 8th March
EMERALD Y5/6 CLOSED Monday 8th March
GARNET Y5/6 CLOSED Monday 8th March


A message from the Headteacher ...

I cannot thank our school community enough for your patience and support through the most challenging, rapidly evolving circumstances. The numerous emails and messages of support over the past few months have been humbling and heartwarming and I am truly proud to serve this amazing community.  We know that each individual family has had to make decisions which are best for their family and we are committed to supporting you as best we can, with the resources we have available.  #teamCHPS is a strong, caring, inclusive and empowering community and I know that, together, we will emerge from this pandemic as strong and as united as ever. 

Stay warm, stay safe, stay strong, stay happy and remember, we are always here for you all.

Christine Meekley, Head Teacher


Where can I find out more information about Coronavirus? 

The best was to find out about the Coronavirus and the Government's response is to CLICK HERESpecific Government advice for schools can be found by CLICKING HERE.

What is the school's policy on face coverings?
With higher infection rates, our policy and expectations on face coverings has changed over time. Currently our practice is:

  • All adults on site must wear a face covering. This includes the school grounds which become congested at times. In school, adults remove these for eating and drinking and for some teaching where a 2m distance and good ventilation is maintained.
  • Face coverings will not be worn by teaching staff in classrooms
  • Face coverings will be worn by all mid-day staff
  • We are providing FFP2 face coverings and advise all staff to use a face covering of this standard as these offer additional protection.
  • Staff working directly alongside children, or for purposes of intimate care, will wear a face shield to reduce risk of infection via droplets through the eyes.
  • There are no plans to have a policy requiring children to wear a face covering.

How do teaching staff maintain distance?

  • It is accepted that the youngest children can't distance well enough. Since 4th January 2021 we have stressed the importance of maintaining distance where possible from children. We appreciate that working with younger children makes this less achievable but we continue to make our best endeavours i.e. talking side on or from behind with children rather than face to face and, where working one-to-one, wearing a face shield to reduce risk of infection through the eyes.
  • We are encouraging games that can be played without physical contact and are keeping children as distanced as possible in class. Older children are more able to understand risk so expectations for them are higher.
  • There is a teacher only zone at the front of KS2 classrooms and in the outdoor collection zones which parents / carers must not enter.
  • Staff maintain distance from each other in school by using separate Key Stage staff rooms.
  • Staff provide online learning working from home to minimise staff in school.

Is school a safe place for children to be in?

  • Schools closed for the second time on 4th January 2021 because of the public health risk from the increase in the pandemic and to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed; not because they were 'unsafe'. The highest risk of contracting the virus is from within the home and in peer groups which is why we are keeping the phase bubbles intact upon our return to school.
  • Ongoing risk assessments have been reviewed regularly since March 2020, which mean schools are as safe as they can be within the context of their own communities. Schools mirror the rates in the community. Schools were closed to most children in order that the community rate can come down to a manageable level for the NHS. Rates in Stockport remain high and people are advised if they have other symptoms to the three main coronavirus symptoms (persistent cough, temperature, loss of taste and/or smell) they should seek a test.
  • The government have assessed that schools are safe enough for all schools to reopen. In our risk assessment, for Cheadle Heath Primary School to be safe, children, families and staff, the whole school community must play their part and follow the guidance we have set.
  • All school staff are carrying of LFT tests twice weekly to ensure that no asymptomatic cases go undetected and therefore limit the spread of the virus to the rest of the school community.

How will track and trace operate over school holidays?

  • We track and trace pupils over the weekend and upto 48 hours at the start of each holiday. If your child develops symptoms within this time and then tests positive for coronavirus within 48 hours of being in school you must inform the school by email  The email will be checked daily and any close contacts will be tracked, traced, informed and told to self isolate.
  • If your child or someone in your household tests positive after 48 hours since they were in school you do not need to inform us.

If my child has to self isolate, what remote or online learning will be provided?

  • With mirroring learning at home with that in school this won't be a problem for those having to self isolate.
  • Where a whole bubble closes, we will revert to our remote learning policy and provide learning at home and for those children self isolating. You can read our policy here.
  • Where an individual pupil is isolating daily class work will be placed on Google Classroom as in Lockdown 3.

What about parents & other visitors coming into school?

School is closed to the majority of visitors.  Parents are asked to drop their children off at the identified time and follow the school expecations. The safety of our school community is our main priority so we thank you for your support.

What can I do?

Personal hygiene is an important way of tackling COVID-19, especially washing hands more; and the catch it, bin it, kill it strategy for those with coughs and sneezes. 

If you are concerned that any members of your family have symptoms linked to the Coronavirus, follow Public Health England guidance and keep school informed if there is anything that you think we should know about.  Reassure your child and encourage him / her to keep working hard and do what they can to support others, especially those in vulnerable groups.  We know that some children are feeling anxious about the news and that you will want to reassure them.  These links may support you: Childline     Newsround 

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