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Coronavirus: Updated 24.06.2020

Update:  Wednesday 24th June 2020; 09:24
- addition of Letter to Reception Parents dated 24.06.2020
- addition of the Reception Back to School Booklet (for pupils)

Previous update on Wednesday 18th June 2020; 12:18
- addition of Letter to Y1 Parents dated 17.06.2020
- addition of the Y1 Back to School Booklet (for pupils)

Previous update on Monday 15th June 2020 included:
- addition of Letter to Y6 Parents dated 14.06.2020
- addition of COVID-19 Behaviour Policy Addendum
- addition of the Home School Agreement COVID-19 Update
- addition of the Y6 Back to School Booklet (for pupils)


From Monday 23rd March onwards we are only open for pupils who are especially vulnerable and those whose parents / carers are critical industry workers. 

I cannot thank our school community enough for your patience and support this week through the most challenging, rapidly evolving circumstances. The numerous emails and messages of support received last night were humbling and heartwarming; I am truly proud to serve this amazing community.  Going forward, each individual family needs to make decisions which are best for their family and we will work to support you as best we can, with the resources we have available.  #teamCHPS is a strong, caring, inclusive and empowering community and I know that, together, we will emerge from this as strong and as united as ever. 

Stay warm, stay safe, stay strong, stay happy and I will see you when normality resumes.

Christine Meekley
Head Teacher


Cheadle Heath Primary School has a duty of care to all its pupils, staff and the wider community.  We are following the advice given out by the Department for Health and Social Care and Public Health England and are monitoring all advice and guidance on a daily basis.

All pupils have been given information in assembly and in classes about the importance of good hygiene.  They should not worry as it appears that the young are the least vulnerable age group.  However, it is important though for them to take precautions so that they do not pass infection to people who may be more affected.

Where can I find more information about Coronavirus?

  • The best was to find out about the Coronavirus and the Government's response is to CLICK HERE
  • Specific Government advice for schools can be found by CLICKING HERE


Is Cheadle Heath Primary School open? 
School is now closed to most pupils.  Pupils whose parents / carers are key workers and those who are vulnerable and where there is no alternative childcare, have been offered places at school.  Most pupils are better staying at home to prevent the risk of infection spreading.

How is work being provided now school is closed ?

We are keen to make certain that our pupils are able to access the curriculum as best possible during these difficult circumstances.  A letter was distributed on Friday 20th March and teachers have been giving further instructions via Class Story since Monday 23rd March. There will be tasks set for all pupils.  Prior to closure we worked with KS2 pupils to ensure that everyone has access to the the google drive platform.  We are aware our pupils access the platform in a variety of different ways, from the mobile app through to accessing the site from a PC and have taken this into account when setting tasks.  We would encourage you where possible to support them to structure their day at home. If there are any access problems please let your child's class teacher know via class story messenger.  Whilst we are keen to maintain a continuity of learning, we are also aware of how these unique, challenging circumstances impact differently on households depending on work arrangements, childcare arrangements and other factors including overcrowding and access to resources. We know that this is a difficult time for families and reiterate that we continue to value your support and paertnership at this time.

Can my child come into school to collect or drop off work?

Pupils cannot do this as we are following the government health guidelines.  If work is complete and cannot be sent in electronically then they should keep it safe at home.  Exercise books in school will be returned when school reopens.

Are school trips taking place?

As school is now shut there will be no school trips this academic year.  

What about parents and other visitors coming in to school?

School is closed to all visitors.  Parents of the small number of pupils who are in school in the next few weeks are asked to drop them off outside the building at the hall entrance and not go into the building.  The safety of our school community is our main priority.

My child has been offered a place in school.  What if he / she feels ill?  Should they come to school?

The small number of pupils in school are either vulnerable or are the children of key workers so it is essential that they do not become ill.  If your child is ill they must not come in to school.  Please follow the NHS advice.  Visit for up-to-date guidance. 

Please email school by 8.30am on and tell us the name and year group of your child and the reason they are not attending.  Please give full details rather than just saying that they are ill.  If they are self-isolating please tell us that and the start date of their self-isolation.  There is then no need to email each day unless they need to stay off longer than expected to recover. Under government guidance issued on 16 March 2020 they should stay at home for 14 days.  If any other pupils at Cheadle Heath Primary School live in the same house they should also self-isolate for 14 days.  You can click here for up-to-date guidance. 

What changes did we made in school to reduce the risk to pupils prior to closure?

As you would expect, we constantly reviewed the school setting and made daily changes to support pupils and to reduce the risk of infection spreading. 

  • All pupils were given information about the Coronavirus and about the importance of good hygiene. This was reiterated by all teachers on a regular basis in classrooms. Teachers spoke, where appropriate, to pupils about how they can be responsible and help others.
  • We moved to split lunch and breaktimes so that there were fewer pupils in the dining hall and playground at the same time. 
  • Hand sanitisers were installed and were used by all.
  • Assemblies were cancelled.
  • Visitors to school were cancelled to reduce the footfall in the building.
  • Peripatetic music lessons were suspended.
  • We increased the focus on cleanliness of door handles and other contact points.
  • Extra-curricular activities did not be taking place after school in the lead up to closure.


As a school we play a role not only in educating pupils but also in safeguarding. We want to make sure that our safeguarding responsibilities are maintained for all during the closure period. If you have any immediate safeguarding concerns about a child, where there is an immediate risk of harm, then you must contact Stockport Social Care on 0161 217 6028 or the Police.

For any families currently working with our School Age + workers Jennie Lilley or Linda Delaney, our Place2Be counsellor Hira Sami or our pastoral team in Oasis, if you feel that you need additional support during the school closure then please contact Mrs Vallance, our SENDCO and mental health lead using her school email address

Supporting websites for general support and mental health

  • Childline - 08001111
  • Samaritans - 08457909090
  • Vision - 08006256293

Online Safety Websites

What can I do? 

Personal hygiene is an important way of tackling COVID-19, especially washing hands more; and the catch it, bin it, kill it strategy for those with coughs and sneezes. 

If you are concerned that any members of your family have symptoms linked to the Coronavirus, follow Public Health England guidance and keep school informed if there is anything that you think we should know about.

Reassure your child and encourage him / her to keep working hard and do what they can to support others, especially those in vulnerable groups.

We know that some children are feeling anxious about the news and that you will want to reassure them.  The two links below might support you in this.






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