Behaviour including Restorative Approaches

Restorative practices are used within our school to build relationships, promote discipline and prevent harm and conflict occurring. The Restorative Approach focuses on children self–regulating their own behaviour and learning, so that children learn to take ownership of their behaviour and situations.

When dealing with conflict in school between children we address these five themes and associated questions:

  1. UNIQUE PERSPECTIVES: What happened
  2. THOUGHTS & FEELINGS: What were you thinking about at the tim
  3. HARM & AFFECT: Who has been affected and how
  4. NEEDS: What do you need in order to move on and feel better
  5. WHAT NEXT? What do you think needs to happen next to put things right?


We address these four key features:

• RESPECT – listening to opinions and learning to value them.

• RESPONSIBILITY – taking responsibility for own actions.

 REPAIR – develop skills within school community to repair harm and ensure the behaviour is not repeated.

• RE-INTEGRATION – work through a structured and supportive process that aims to solve the problem.

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