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At Cheadle Heath Primary School children are taught computing. The Computing Curriculum develops both skills and knowledge. Children are taught computer science which includes coding in KS1 using floor and screen turtles to Scratchat KS2. Children learn about programming, data, algorithms and networks. This enables them to develop an understanding of the principles of computer science and computational thinking. There’s also a focus on problem solving – using logic and ideas about systems, patterns and associated pattern languages, abstraction and decomposition.

The new curriculum puts a clearer emphasis on three areas of learning:

1) Computer science – how computers work and how to write algorithms and solve problems to eventually create a computer program.

2) Information technology – how data is represented and managed on computers.

3) Digital literacy – how to understand digital information and interact with it safely and appropriately.

The aim of the curriculum is to build an understanding of how computers work and how they can be used in pupils’ lives – both in their future employment and in enabling them to be active 21st Century global citizens. Pupils also have the opportunity to use ICT across a range of subjects and have access to both PCs and iPads.